Invicta Woodheaters



The Invicta range is all about the flame, stunning long romantic flames are made by the vertical firebox. Yes it will heat your living room, but they are designed to light up at night with a glass or 2 of red and be romanced by the stunning flames



Boasting an elegant panoramic glass window, Alcor’s tubular shape and sleek cast iron fabrication add a touch of masculine glamour to any space. Its low space requirement also makes it perfect for smaller spaces but, with an output of 6 kW, it is powerful enough to warm larger areas, too.





Tall, slim and effortlessly stylish, Argos makes a beautiful addition to any space. Everything about Argos makes an impact, its design using bold lines and elegant edges to their full potential. Thanks to clever post-combustion technology, a single fuel load can keep Argos burning for up to 10 hours, making nights by the fire luxuriously long.







A spectacular state-of-the-art free-standing fireplace that adds a designer touch to any room and warmth to any home. This French-made wood heater creates an irresistible ambience and can help lower energy bills by reducing reliance on central heating. Winter never looked so inviting…





This cast iron stove rotates on a single round leg to let you enjoy the beauty of the flames from every corner of the room. With a smooth curved door, large viewing window and the inclusion of Invicta’s Post Combustion technology, this fireplace can keep the fire going for up to 10 hours.







This playful freestanding fireplace available in white, red or black enameled cast iron, and also charcoal raw finish, re-interprets the humble wood stove found in pioneers huts. Its compact size generates 8kW and is perfect for modern urban interiors. Featuring post combustion technology, stainless steel detailing and a wide viewing window this is one stylish stove.





Like a totem in your living room, this wood heater celebrates the sacred fire. Inspired by ethnic aesthetics, yet incredibly contemporary in its design, this is a fireplace like no others. Gather up your tribe around this cast iron masterpiece and spend a warm winter!







The double-sided freestanding stove is perfect to divide and heat a large space. You can enjoy enjoy viewing the flames from both sides and add fuel to the fire from both sides.





Inspired by the efficiency of traditional cast iron radiators, Kazan fireplace combines modern design and great performance. The rippled surface gives it a distinctive and elegant style, while enhancing energy performance through increased heat exchange surface.