ESSE Cookers

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Overview of the ESSE Cookers range

The ESSE range of cookers include wood-fired & electric cookers.

The classic ESSE cooker, each model with its own character, but all sharing the same timeless elegance and impeccable engineering, which you’ll sense the second you open one of the hand-built cast iron doors.

ESSE Wood-fired Cooker Range




The 905 WN is a beautifully traditional cast iron wood-burning cooker perfectly suited to your kitchen; clean-burning, fuel-efficient, and a pleasure to use – with a total oven capacity of 80 litres, and a large “dog bone” hotplate.







Behind the classic 1930s ESSE styling, this is a truly advanced piece of engineering, capable of extraordinary day-in-day-out cooking performance with an absolute minimum of wasted energy. In fact, we believe the 990 WN is the cleanest-burning cooker of its kind.









ESSE Plus 1

This mini wood-burning range cooker has two aspects to its personality. It’s ideal as a stand-alone unit in locations with limited space, and equally perfect as a partner to your ESSE electric or gas fired range – providing you with an extra oven, and a large “target” hotplate.






ESSE Ironheart

The Ironheart may look as if it’s been around for ever, but in fact it’s a recent arrival – created to celebrate 150 years of ESSE. It’s a stove and a range cooker in one, combining the best of our two main product ranges. Cooking and heating have never come together more beautifully.










The Esse Bakeheart is the newest to the Ironheart Family. Offering a stunning interpretation of an traditional bakers oven, but packed with features…AND tuned for the highest performance – the Bakeheart is no ordinary cooker! It’s not just a heater with an oven… it’s a cooker that heats! Designed and manufactured by the industries leading cooking company, esse, the Bakeheart is a serious cooker.







The Esse Warmheart is the newest to the Ironheart Family. Offering a true wood heater where you can cook on and in (yes we said in), packed with features…AND tuned for the highest performance – the Warmheart is no ordinary wood heater!









ESSE Electric Cooker Range








Big brother to our EL13 AMP, this is the perfect choice for the larger kitchen, and for cooks who get their greatest satisfaction from feeding hungry hordes. Just like its smaller sibling, it offers the “best of both” – traditional cast iron solidity, combined with innovative electric flexibility.










This stunning cooker’s hotplate tells you the whole story.
A traditional cast iron hob, nestling up to an innovative induction zone. Yes, this really is a chance for passionate cooks to enjoy the “best of both”..






ESSE Plus 500

A versatile left-hand-side companion to any of our beautifully crafted cast iron range cookers, this adds two valuable strings to any serious cook’s bow: perfect slow-cooking, and simple but highly effective plate-warming.










The ESSE 500EL electric companion is the perfect stand alone electric cooker, or the absolute perfect companion for your ESSE wood stove.







The left hand side of the Hybrid is all wood fired. The hot plate and 30 litre oven are heated by the fire. Open the enamel door to reveal ESSE’s glass door for times when you want to see your flames. The right hand side of the Hybrid is all electric with TWO TRUE OVENS. The larger top oven can reach up to 240°C – the bottom can reach up to 200°C. Both electric ovens are thermostatically controlled and cook JUST LIKE a wood oven.