AGA Cookers

We stock, supply and install the iconic AGA range of cookers.

Overview of the AGA models

If you are new to AGA, let us tell you why they are loved the world over and how to find the perfect one for you and your home

The iconic AGA cooker has been the heart of the home for decades. However, we know that since the AGA cooker was invented in 1922 there have been many lifestyle changes and it’s not always necessary to have the AGA cooker on all the time. That’s why we’ve developed some new flexible AGA models and now, an AGA cooker can really fit into every home and lifestyle.

AGA 6-4 Black

Various colours and sizes available to
suit your individual needs and decor..


From breakfast through to dinner and many points in between.

AGA Module Dark Blue

An AGA Cooker for smaller spaces.